Het Groot Gronings Bietenspel

Since I specialise in social design, I am primarily interested in the socio-economic aspects of sugar beet farming. Moreover, because of my background in Maker Education, I feel the urge to share my knowledge and, most of all, learn from the expertise of others around me. During the residency 'Made in Grunn', I collected all kinds of information from different farmers. I learned about the investments they make (machinery and farmland), about the risks (weather and insects) and about the tight Suikerunie schedule they have to deal with. Such a precarious business, and yet the farmers consider Suikerunie as a stable and reliable factory.

'Het Groot Gronings Bietenspel' teaches all about the ins and outs, the investments and threats of the Groningen sugar beet production. In this game, you don't choose to play the red, blue or green; instead, you choose farmer Berg, farmer Blauw or farmer Fluks. The varying perspectives of these farmers have all been integrated into the game, and the players are challenged to achieve a personal 'building plan'. This way, sugar as a product earns its very own identity.

'Het Groot Gronings Bietenspel' is onderdeel van de residency 'Made in Grunn' in opdracht van CBK Groningen. Mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Suikerunie, Het Stimuleringsfonds e.a.